Dogs tested with ERG and FREE of PRA 2008;
Nord.Est.U.Ch.Nv-07Nordv-07Eujw-07Kbhv-07Estw-08WW-08 Freetains My Oh My
Nord.U.Ch. Freetains T.S.Amaretzana
Nord.Est.Ch.Freetains T.S.Amaretzoin
N.U.Ch. Freetains Mozart
Freetains Boble Mix
Freetains Silver Girl
Freetains Xspinning
Freetains Miss E. Madigan
Nordjv-07 Candygolds Kickoff 

February 2007

15 dogs are ERG tested and are free for PRA;
-N.S.U.Ch. Dagsljus Fannie
-Int.&Nord.U.Ch.Betjos Lingo Bell
-Int.&Nord.U.Ch.NV-05 My Fame Bella Bella More
-N.S.U.Ch Tankans Vaima
-N.Pl.U.Ch.Freetains Brahms
-N.U.Ch.EUJW-06 Freetains Beatle Beson
-N.S.U.Ch. Freetains La Vaccarina
-Int.&Nord.U.Ch.Freetains Sweet Anisette
-N.S.U.Ch.Freetains Aqua Lene
-N.U.Ch.Freetains Let It Be
-Freetains Sourz Pine-Apple
-Freetains Kahlua Cafê
-Freetains Xiana
-My Sweet Lord
-Silver Snob-Suspiros

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