About us!

My name is Anne Grethe Grønli Lyngstad and I was married to Åsmund in 42 Years. We lived in Kjerknesvågen in Inderøy municipality in Nord-Trøndelag. I now live in Steinkjer. I have two adult sons. Trond Asgeir and Pål Erik. Trond Asgeir is married to Hanne and they have three children, Sander,(born-01) and Thea, (born-03) and Iben (born-07). They live in Inderøy, Hanne is adjunkt and Trond Asgeir is subjects trained as a cook / waitress and owns and operates restaurant Brød and Cirkus in Steinkjer. Pål Erik lives in Inderøy, and have tow children. Lone (born-05), Eirun (born-09) and two bonus-children Victor (born-04), and Lisa (born-07).

Me and my grandchildren!

Åsmund jobs as janitor at Lyngstad school, community hall and kindergarten, and he also works at Inderøy Ungdomskole with practical needs schoolwork. Åsmund has many hobbies, his father was a blacksmith, and therefore Åsmund keeps the tradition maintained by making blanket seizures and various candlesticks. He also has a small artist in him so many special things are made in his workshop.One of his special vork. This chandelier is handmade by Åsmund. Otherwise he is very active with the choir and band and boat association on Kjerknesvågen.

I am with two different sewing societies and I worked a little at Inderøy middle school (see GAP activity). I was injured in the right arm in 1996, since then I have not been able to work so very much, but fortunately I had a family that helped me so that I could continue with my hobby. Dogs.
1961: I got my first dog. It was a dwarf poodle named Lady.
1972: In September Åsmund and I bought our 1st dog. An Irish Wolfdog Wolfcastles Lady Born Free
1976: We bought our second dog from England, it was also an Irish Wolfdog Brabyns Tain
1979: We had our kennel name registered, composed of the names of the first two of our dogs: FREETAIN

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